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MyZodiacGift.com was inspired by my own personal views and experience with zodiac sign traits, personalities, and compatibility. 

I have always been interested in learning astrology when I was younger, but didn't quite understand it. In the beginning, I used to always say that horoscopes are stupid and made up stuff. While it's true that it's not always 100% accurate, most of the time when I read it at the end of the day, it usually is very relatable and corresponds with how I feel or something that had happened that day.

I usually don't like reading horoscopes in the beginning of the day, because i think that it plants a thought in our mind and manifests it into existence. However, horoscopes nowadays are mostly positive messages than it used to be back in the days. 

When I was introduced to reading horoscopes more and more, I stumbled upon reading zodiac sign traits, personalities, and compatibility..

I went through different sources online and physical hard cover books and read through about my zodiac sign, as well as my friends, family, past and current relationships' zodiac signs. I was quite astonished on how accurate these traits and personalities are when it comes to their zodiac sign descriptions, and the compatibility when it comes to attraction, love, friendship, and family. 

When I learned about my zodiac sign, I was amazed on how it's so accurate on what it says about. I wouldn't say that it's a 100% accurate but I could say about 97% accurate.

Since then I've always viewed zodiac signs as part of who we are as a person, and tells us about our inner traits, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Because I view my zodiac sign as a part of who I am, and most of us do.. why not own it and make it a part of what you wear..

I am very inspired to introduce you MyZodiacGift Store as your resource for beautiful zodiac sign jewelries and accessories you can give to yourself, or special someone. No matter what the occasion is, birthday or even just a thoughtful gift.


About Me

I am a Leo ♌ the Lioness 🦁 a 🔥 fire sign..

and just like how it describes me..

 🦁 Optimistic

Ones to see the glass half-full, the Leo don't get easily disheartened by disappointments and setbacks. They will always try to come on tops.

Yes this is so much me, I like being a leader and always had entrepreneurship in me, I am always optimistic no matter how much life kick me down I always see the positive side of things

 🦁 Straightforward

People born under the Zodiac Sign Leo are quite frank about what they want to say. Mincing words is not their thing.

OMG like for real, I'm just so upfront. I am very frank, I don't like to sugar coat..

 🦁 Loyal

While they demand loyalty from the people associated with them, the Leo themselves are also loyal and trustworthy individuals.

Yes, I'm the most loyal person, I will even tell you the harsh truth even if I know that it could hurt your feelings. Also if you break my trust, I will forgive but most likely resent you for the longest time..

 🦁 Headstrong

The Leo are opinionated and headstrong, and it takes a lot of convincing to make them change their stance.

Yep, exactly me.. I am very open minded but if believe in something so strongly, I stand for it.

🙈 Egoistic

They have a huge and fragile ego, which often gets hurt over trivial matters. Their ego sometimes become a hurdle in their path to success.

🙈 Possessive

Since they hold everything that is theirs very closely, they tend to become possessive and prone to jealousy. They are giving, but sharing doesn't come easily to them.

Yes I am possessive, and get jealous (even when I try not to show it) 🤣


The Leo want to be in control of situations and expect people to follow them. Their dominating nature may not go down well with everyone. 


They tend to become so self-centered at times that they would become harsh and say things without considering the fact that they would hurt someone. 

Although I really do not like the term used, I can so much agree to its description. I've learned so much about myself  about this trait that it helped me work on these negative traits by being more mindful about it and making sure I don't come off rude (especially that I don't intend to be rude to anyone)


They want to get things done and over with as soon as possible. But their impatience leads them to unnecessary anxiety and even failures and disappointments.

Yep, this is so me 🙋‍♀️

On top of this, I also found that I am usually compatible and get along with other fire signs such as Aries, Sagittarius, and Gemini (when it comes to friendship and love) Now this is just my personal experience going through the people in my life. 

Do you also find your zodiac sign matching your traits, and personality?

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